Ubi Channel is Now on IFTTT!

We have exciting news to share: Ubi channel is now on IFTTT (If this then that)


The amount of actions and control Ubi is capable of has grown significantly. Ubi is now capable of interfacing with any other channel on IFTTT enabling you to create recipes that work to your exact specifications and needs.

If you aren’t familiar with IFTTT yet, its a handy tool for connecting the web apps (ex Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, dropbox, etc) you use, with each other through conditional statements which they call recipes. For example you can create a recipe that will send you an iOS notification every time a specific user you pick tweets.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities of what you can do with the Ubi using IFTTT.

Here are some examples of Ubi┬áRecipe’s:

IFTTT Recipe: Your personal rooster connects weather to ubi

Get the Ubi to tell you to rise and shine on sunrise.

IFTTT Recipe: Use your Ubi to find your phone connects ubi to phone-call

Ask the Ubi to find your phone and have it call it.

IFTTT Recipe: Let the office know it's time for the weekend connects date-time to ubi

Every Friday at 5 PM, let the office know it’s time to get ready for the weekend. The announcement will be broadcasted through the Ubi.

IFTTT Recipe: Welcome me at home or work connects android-device to ubi

When your Android phone with the IFTTT app connects to your home or work network, have the Ubi announce your arrival with fanfare.

IFTTT Recipe: Get your Ubi to update your Facebook status connects ubi to facebook

You can get tell your Ubi something that will cause a pre-written status message to be posted on Facebook.

IFTTT Recipe: Give your family a heads up that you're about to arrive home connects android-location to ubi

Using the IFTTT App on Android, you can have your Ubi announce your impending arrival to the family before you get home… or to your co-workers before you get to work.

On information on how to set-up your Ubi with IFTTT, have a look at the video below: