“Ok Ubi! Send email to …”

One of the most popular functions of the Ubi, is its ability to send emails and texts through voice command, without having to open your computer or cell phone.

Ubi wirelessly connects to your devices through your wifi. Setting up the Ubi is very simple and is done through our Ubi Portal. This is the place where you can add all your contacts for Ubi to access. You’ll also find a quick guide on various applications of the Ubi to help you get started.

Keep your hands free!

Ubi lets you take multitasking to the next level – you can reply back to your emails and texts through voice command keeping your hands free and available for other tasks.

Ubi in laundry room


For busy families

For all of us running around, especially parents with young children, Ubi makes it easy to reply back to important texts and emails while keeping your hands free



Make It simple for Your Elderly parents to send emails and texts

We have all heard our parents and grandparents voice their concerns of using the complicated phones and computers of today to send a simple email or text. Ubi allows them to do exactly that without having to touch their devices through voice command.

Mother and daughter