TGIF – “OK, Ubi! Play music”

And it’s FINALLY Friday! Relax and enjoy the weekend. If you are planning a party or just in the mood to listen to some tunes, just let Ubi Know!

Here are the commands that you can make:

  • (Can you) play some music
  • (Can you) play some (artist)
  • (Can you) play a song from (artist), can you play a song by (artist)
  • (Can you) play (genre)
  • I want to hear (song) by (artist)
  • I want to listen to (song) by (artist)
  • I want to hear some (genre / artist)
  • I want to listen to some (genre)
  • Can I listen to (song) by (artist)?
  • Can I listen to (genre / artist)?
  • Can I hear some (genre / artist)?

Happy Friday!