After 2 Years of Closed Betas, The Ubi is Now Available for General Release

We know a lot of you have waited a very long time for this and FINALLY its here. We are super excited to announce that Ubi is now available for purchase!

Over two years ago, we launched the Ubi on Kickstarter.  We started off as three mild mannered engineers who had a desire to shape how we interact with the world around us.

Amin, Mahyar, and I had, what we refer to in hindsight, dream jobs. We provided research and teaching equipment to engineering schools throughout the world. We had an opportunity to visit hundreds of cutting edge research labs at Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Imperial College, etc. You graduated from it – we probably visited it.

Leor Presenting copy

When our time in town would overlap, we’d go out for lunch and talk about the crazy things that were ahead of us. We’d talk about the Singularity, Moore’s Law, and science fiction.

However, as we had these amazing discussions, we lamented that around us, technology seemed to be more distracting than enabling. People were heads down in their devices instead of talking to the people across from them.

We toyed with many ideas and eventually it led us to the Ubi we presented on Kickstarter. We were surprised by your support and enthusiasm for what we were doing and it fuelled us through immense technical, financial, and personal challenges to get the Ubi out to you.

Now, after continually updating the Ubi and refining the interaction, we’re ready to release the Ubi to everyone. We have launched the Ubi at

We have more in store for you – new hardware, updates, and integrations.

Thanks for your support and for believing in us.

With much love,

Leor  (and all of #TeamUbi)

4 thoughts on “After 2 Years of Closed Betas, The Ubi is Now Available for General Release

    • Hi Mark! Thanks so much – Your support means a lot to us! We’re working on Industry Canada approval for Canada (FCC is granted). In the meantime, is great! Hope this helps! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

      Happy Friday!


  1. It’s about time we had the voice activated computer and do away with the key board / mouse
    and all that typing “yuk”. Just like a”star trek” computer!
    Also can it be used with an existing PC? i.e. an all-in-one PC?

    • Hi John!

      Thanks so much for your comment and support!

      Ubi can be accessed and configured via PC through the Ubi portal. It can also be remotely accessed via Android phone. Hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask us, if you have anymore :)


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