“Ok, Ubi. Remind me to…”

Another thing you can ask your Ubi to do is set-up an alarm or a reminder for you. You can ask her to set-up a meeting, tell you the date and time, or wake you up at a certain time.

Now that there’s an Ubi Channel on IFTTT (see previous post), you can also create a lot of recipes related to reminders and alarms. I’ve talked about loving Ubi’s “ask the weather” feature before but this has definitely become my new love.

For example (my personal favourite) you can use  “New Calendar Event” recipe to keep updated on events added to your calendar. Every time you or anyone else, who you share a calendar with adds an event, the Ubi announces it. This comes in very handy at an office. To keep everyone in the loop, you can have your office Ubi make an announcement every time a new calendar event is added or becomes due.

Here’s the recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: New calendar event connects google-calendar to ubi

Happy Friday folks!

W.Z from #TeamUbi