Favourite IFTTT Ubi Recipes of the Week

Now that Ubi is integrated with IFTTT there’s a whole lot more you can do with it. We’d like to share some our our favourite recipes of the week that we’ve been using and loving:

For all of you out there who lose their phone at home all the time, whether its stuck in your couch, or still in your coat pocket in the closet, this recipe is here to finally take the frustration away of tirelessly looking for your misplaced phone. Especially if you live alone and don’t have anyone beside you to call your phone for you. You can ask your Ubi to find your phone and have it call it:

IFTTT Recipe: Use your Ubi to find your phone connects ubi to phone-call

And because I have talked about my obsession with knowing the weather every morning before heading out, here’s a recipe that makes the Ubi announce the weather forecast everyday at your desired time:

IFTTT Recipe: Morning Weather Report  connects weather to ubi

What are the Ubi recipes you’ve been loving? Leave a comment below or share your favourites with us on our Twitter or Facebook page using the hastag #VoiceOfTheInternet


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