Ubi Speaks, Amazon Echoes

Last week, Amazon released a product called Echo. A lot of our friends, customers and media have been emailing us, asking what we think of Amazon’s announcement.

We think the version of the product that Amazon portrays appears well designed and we want to thank them for validating the vision and product we’ve had for some time. We’re a bit flattered.

Ubi is a leader in ubiquitous computing. When it was launched, we made waves by offering a new way of interacting with the world. Voice interaction with the environment has long been depicted in science fiction and has been a dream of many.

Before the Ubi, there were a lot of questions about whether such a device had use in our homes. The world was ready for a device that’s always on and that you can talk to freely and the Ubi is that device.

Our plan for the Ubi goes far beyond the current hardware that we offer.

We believe in a future where you can walk into any environment and interact with it just like a conversation. We want to bring to life the voice of the Internet. We welcome working together with others to bring this future closer.

The Ubi can do many things now through voice in your home and we’re working on many great things to come. All of this is available today to the thousands of people with an Ubi and to those wishing to buy one at theubi.com.

We look forward to the world of ubiquitous computing that’s continuing to evolve and hope you’ll be a part of it.

Leor Grebler, CEO, …and all of Team Ubi

Ubi Channel is Now on IFTTT!

We have exciting news to share: Ubi channel is now on IFTTT (If this then that)


The amount of actions and control Ubi is capable of has grown significantly. Ubi is now capable of interfacing with any other channel on IFTTT enabling you to create recipes that work to your exact specifications and needs.

If you aren’t familiar with IFTTT yet, its a handy tool for connecting the web apps (ex Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, dropbox, etc) you use, with each other through conditional statements which they call recipes. For example you can create a recipe that will send you an iOS notification every time a specific user you pick tweets.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities of what you can do with the Ubi using IFTTT.

Here are some examples of Ubi Recipe’s:

IFTTT Recipe: Your personal rooster connects weather to ubi

Get the Ubi to tell you to rise and shine on sunrise.

IFTTT Recipe: Use your Ubi to find your phone connects ubi to phone-call

Ask the Ubi to find your phone and have it call it.

IFTTT Recipe: Let the office know it's time for the weekend connects date-time to ubi

Every Friday at 5 PM, let the office know it’s time to get ready for the weekend. The announcement will be broadcasted through the Ubi.

IFTTT Recipe: Welcome me at home or work connects android-device to ubi

When your Android phone with the IFTTT app connects to your home or work network, have the Ubi announce your arrival with fanfare.

IFTTT Recipe: Get your Ubi to update your Facebook status connects ubi to facebook

You can get tell your Ubi something that will cause a pre-written status message to be posted on Facebook.

IFTTT Recipe: Give your family a heads up that you're about to arrive home connects android-location to ubi

Using the IFTTT App on Android, you can have your Ubi announce your impending arrival to the family before you get home… or to your co-workers before you get to work.

On information on how to set-up your Ubi with IFTTT, have a look at the video below:



Meet Mahyar!



New Doc 61_1

What’s your role?

VP  Operations. I Look after manufacturing, product development, vendor partnership and project management. Plus all the other fun / dramatic stuff that comes with being a co-founder.

What’s your favourite part about working at UCIC? 

Working with brilliant and devoted people.

What’s your favourite thing about the Ubi?

Sending voice message to my condo while on the road!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spice collecting and salsa dancing.

What’s your biggest dream?

Abundance for the world – which may actually come through one day.

What superpower would you like to have?

No need to sleep at all.

Coffee or tea?

Both! (with honey, preferably rosehoney :) )

Pirates or Ninja’s?

That’s so obvious: Ninja’s :).

Mac or PC?
PC – without a doubt

Follow Mahyar on Twitter: @MFotoohi

Introducing Meet the Team Mondays!

We will be featuring a member of #TeamUbi every Monday, giving you a peek into the spectacular minds that work behind the scenes.

Meet Angela!



What’s your role?

I am the Client Support Manager for The Ubi. My role is to be the “translator” between our clients and the development team. I manage the support ticket queue, interact with our clients, shipping logistics, and of course crack the whip when things need focus!

What’s your favourite part about working at UCIC?

After being with the team for almost a year, my favourite part is our team! I am so lucky and honored to work with the most talented and funny group of people ever! Sitting at the forefront of the next generation of technology is not something you get the opportunity to do every day.

What’s your favourite thing about the Ubi?

That Ubi is the future realized. All the sci-fi books and movies I read and watched when I was younger are coming to life with this one product. I personally can’t live without the reminder/calendar reminder because I can’t always have my phone in hand and it’s so easy to just tell Ubi what and when you need a reminder and you’re done . If you’ve ever seen the late night infomercial who quotes “Set it and forget it” that’s what makes this feature so amazing lol

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a foodie-geek. LOVE cooking and trying out new tech gadgets, of course gardening because a foodie needs fresh food and herbs. Newly certified SCUBA diver. I also love to travel especially in the Caribbean and South & Central America (Roatan, Honduras is my favorite spot to snorkel/dive) oh and shopping, lots and lots of shopping!

What’s your biggest dream?

To own a bed and breakfast in Belize or Cayman Islands that is foodie, tech and gadget friendly.

What superpower would you like to have?

Mind reading, now that would make a part of my job soooo easy! Although my husband might wish otherwise lol

Coffee or tea?

Ooooo coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

Pirates or Ninja’s?

I work with an amazing team of tech ninjas, so I’ll have to say ninjas!

What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?

The Walking Dead!

Where’s Waldo?

Sorry that’s classified!

Follow Angela on Twitter: @CanadaGeekGurl

“Ok, Ubi! What’s the weather?”

Weather symbols on clothespins

One of my favourite things to ask the Ubi is the temperature outside just before running out the door. If you didn’t already know before, the Ubi HQ is located in Canada and our weather is just as famous as our Hockey. It could be sunny one day and snowing the next. It’s true. Some of us are a little too obsessed with constantly knowing the weather and Ubi is always ready to answer the question with a short voice command. I love it.

Another great thing about it are the onboard sensors that monitor the environment around it, providing information on the temperature indoors, light and sound levels, air pressure and humidity.

Of all the things Ubi is capable of, this is one small feature. Stay tuned for more to come!


W.Z from #TeamUbi

“Ok Ubi! Send email to …”

One of the most popular functions of the Ubi, is its ability to send emails and texts through voice command, without having to open your computer or cell phone.

Ubi wirelessly connects to your devices through your wifi. Setting up the Ubi is very simple and is done through our Ubi Portal. This is the place where you can add all your contacts for Ubi to access. You’ll also find a quick guide on various applications of the Ubi to help you get started.

Keep your hands free!

Ubi lets you take multitasking to the next level – you can reply back to your emails and texts through voice command keeping your hands free and available for other tasks.

Ubi in laundry room


For busy families

For all of us running around, especially parents with young children, Ubi makes it easy to reply back to important texts and emails while keeping your hands free



Make It simple for Your Elderly parents to send emails and texts

We have all heard our parents and grandparents voice their concerns of using the complicated phones and computers of today to send a simple email or text. Ubi allows them to do exactly that without having to touch their devices through voice command.

Mother and daughter





TGIF – “OK, Ubi! Play music”

And it’s FINALLY Friday! Relax and enjoy the weekend. If you are planning a party or just in the mood to listen to some tunes, just let Ubi Know!

Here are the commands that you can make:

  • (Can you) play some music
  • (Can you) play some (artist)
  • (Can you) play a song from (artist), can you play a song by (artist)
  • (Can you) play (genre)
  • I want to hear (song) by (artist)
  • I want to listen to (song) by (artist)
  • I want to hear some (genre / artist)
  • I want to listen to some (genre)
  • Can I listen to (song) by (artist)?
  • Can I listen to (genre / artist)?
  • Can I hear some (genre / artist)?

Happy Friday!


Throwback – Ubi’s Evolution

Once upon a time long ago Ubi came into being.  And it looked something like this:

First Ever Ubi

The first ever Ubi, launched on Kickstarter on August 13, 2014

You might remember this from our kickstarter days

What you can’t see in the photo are the numerous updates made to the software continually improving Ubi’s interaction.

We are proud to say that it has come a long way since then. The team has worked very hard on making Ubi a reality and after two years of closed betas, its now available for everyone to purchase


The Ubi of today on sale for $299 – also comes in white

Your feedback is very important to us and we look forward to working harder on making Ubi even better than before.

Thanks for your love and support so far!



After 2 Years of Closed Betas, The Ubi is Now Available for General Release

We know a lot of you have waited a very long time for this and FINALLY its here. We are super excited to announce that Ubi is now available for purchase!

Over two years ago, we launched the Ubi on Kickstarter.  We started off as three mild mannered engineers who had a desire to shape how we interact with the world around us.

Amin, Mahyar, and I had, what we refer to in hindsight, dream jobs. We provided research and teaching equipment to engineering schools throughout the world. We had an opportunity to visit hundreds of cutting edge research labs at Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Imperial College, etc. You graduated from it – we probably visited it.

Leor Presenting copy

When our time in town would overlap, we’d go out for lunch and talk about the crazy things that were ahead of us. We’d talk about the Singularity, Moore’s Law, and science fiction.

However, as we had these amazing discussions, we lamented that around us, technology seemed to be more distracting than enabling. People were heads down in their devices instead of talking to the people across from them.

We toyed with many ideas and eventually it led us to the Ubi we presented on Kickstarter. We were surprised by your support and enthusiasm for what we were doing and it fuelled us through immense technical, financial, and personal challenges to get the Ubi out to you.

Now, after continually updating the Ubi and refining the interaction, we’re ready to release the Ubi to everyone. We have launched the Ubi at theubi.com.

We have more in store for you – new hardware, updates, and integrations.

Thanks for your support and for believing in us.

With much love,

Leor  (and all of #TeamUbi)