Ubi and SmartThings

Ubi is capable of interfacing with your SmartThings devices.

For a long time we’ve been waiting for a way to control the environment around us just by talking to it. With the Ubi and SmartThings you can have complete control by linking your already connected things to spoken commands. If you set up phrases with smartThings you can activate them just by asking.

For example, to turn on the lights you can just ask, “Ok Ubi, turn on the lights”.

With SmartThings Sensors, you can also get alerted to different activities in your home, like the garage door opening, and have these announced through the Ubi.

Learn how to setup your Ubi Portal to work with SmartThings. If you’d like more information setting up your SmartThings, checkout their tutorial here

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Ubi HTTP Requests and Raspberrypi

Welcome back from the Holidays! Hope they were all everyone hoped them to be! #TeamUbi had a blast and now we are back to business. Enjoy the new blog post :D

In a previous blog post I mentioned Ubi’s customizability. One of the actions that you can trigger the Ubi to perform are HTTP requests.

The Ubi is capable of interfacing with anything that can send and receive HTTP requests. We show an example of RGB lighting system made with Raspberrypi that can be controlled by the Ubi in the video below:

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Favourite IFTTT Ubi Recipes of the Week

We’d like to share some our favourite IFTTT Ubi recipes  that we’ve been using and loving this week:

Voice Command Your Lights Off

IFTTT Recipe: Voice Command Your Lights Off  connects ubi to smartthings

When you receive a new email your Ubi will notify you by speaking the sender’s name and the subject.

IFTTT Recipe: You've Got Mail  connects gmail to ubi

What are your favourite’s?



Meet Allen!



What’s your role?

I am a Programmer. I do some works behind the scenes (server side). And some Smartphone related work. I speak Java, Python… If necessary I can speak C as well :)

What’s your favorite part about working at UCIC?

Getting the paycheck :)…, just kidding. I love all parts about my work: great ideas from or to the team; start of or completion of a challenge…

What’s your favorite thing about the Ubi?

Ubi tell me a joke.

What do you like to do outside of work?

 I like cooking (Chinese style), and yard work as well. I also like to play with my baby.

What’s your biggest dream?

 World peace.

What superpower would you like to have?

I would like to Fly

Coffee or tea?

Coffee and black tea.

Pirates or Ninja’s?

Ninja because my daughter likes the ‘Fruit Ninja’

Mac or PC?

I prefer Mac but I’m using PC because programming IDEs need this.

Creating Custom Commands for Ubi

One of Ubi’s biggest strength is its customizability.

Creating a custom behaviour allows you to personalize how your ubi functions in a way that works best for you. You can teach your Ubi “Lessons” using your Ubi portal. Lessons are customized commands that you set-up. You can choose a specific voice command which will initiate a certain behaviour. This means that you can set a trigger (utterance) that will perform a certain action. Currently you can do 4 actions:

  • Make a voice announcement
  • send a text
  • Send an email
  • Make an Http Request

As a very simple example, I can set, “How are you?” as a trigger for 4 different actions. So every time I ask the ubi “How are you?” I can have it make a specific announce that I have already set up. Just for fun, my Ubi at home replies, “I have never been better because I have you in my life”. This is something I customized my Ubi to do.

For more information on how to set simple lessons on your Ubi, have a look at the video below.


#Team Ubi

Meet Jason!


What’s your role?

I am a software engineer and work primarily on mobile solutions specializing in full-stack android development and I also do a lot of work on the back-end cloud and administer our forum.


What’s your favourite part about working at UCIC?

Aside from working people who are really good at what they do, it’s the ability to have a direct impact on the products themselves. The sense of satisfaction that comes from taking an idea and turning it an actual solution from ground up.

What’s your favourite thing about the Ubi?

What I love about the Ubi is that it represents the future of simple and convenient computing. I mean a desktop/laptop/tablet/phone all have their uses but a voice activated computer brings new ideas and a new way of interacting with your environment.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like watching sports on TV. I am a very big hockey/baseball fan and will follow my Leafs and Blue Jays till… maybe the day I move. I love to build and tinker with tech gadgets and make software do new and fascinating things. I also enjoy auto mechanics and I’m a big car enthusiast.

What’s your biggest dream?

To create a product/service that is used by millions, also to make millions of dollars doing what I love to do.

What superpower would you like to have?

Teleportation, I’ve always wanted that, even as a kid.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee without question.

Pirates or Ninja’s?

Pirates because no one likes to pay for overpriced software.

Mac or PC?

PC because I’m used to it, it matters little in a Linux environment.

What was the last movie, TV show or book that left a strong impression?

I’d have to say The Matrix for it’s amazing perspectives and parallels to real life.

“Ok, Ubi. Remind me to…”

Another thing you can ask your Ubi to do is set-up an alarm or a reminder for you. You can ask her to set-up a meeting, tell you the date and time, or wake you up at a certain time.

Now that there’s an Ubi Channel on IFTTT (see previous post), you can also create a lot of recipes related to reminders and alarms. I’ve talked about loving Ubi’s “ask the weather” feature before but this has definitely become my new love.

For example (my personal favourite) you can use  “New Calendar Event” recipe to keep updated on events added to your calendar. Every time you or anyone else, who you share a calendar with adds an event, the Ubi announces it. This comes in very handy at an office. To keep everyone in the loop, you can have your office Ubi make an announcement every time a new calendar event is added or becomes due.

Here’s the recipe:

IFTTT Recipe: New calendar event connects google-calendar to ubi

Happy Friday folks!

W.Z from #TeamUbi

Silicon Valley vs Ubi

Ubi battles it out with Audious, the smart voice activated office assistant from the TV show Silicon Valley to play John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Who does it better?




Ubi’s got them Sensors

Sensor icon

Ubi has built in temperature, light humidity and pressure sensors that can be used to collect data on your home. They monitor the environment and provide information on the temperature indoors, light and sound levels, air pressure and humidity.


Here’s what a user had to say about it:

“It is an easy task to use the light sensor to tell if our oldest son is reading in bed (don’t tell him that’s how we do it) and temp sensors ensure that we adjust our heating properly.” – You can read the complete review on Amazon.

The onboard sensors are a great way to monitor your home condition while you’re away. The data is easily accessible through the Ubi portal.

Ubi sensor data


For more in depth features of the Ubi and information on how to set them up check out our Youtube channel.

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Favourite IFTTT Ubi Recipes of the Week

Now that Ubi is integrated with IFTTT there’s a whole lot more you can do with it. We’d like to share some our our favourite recipes of the week that we’ve been using and loving:

For all of you out there who lose their phone at home all the time, whether its stuck in your couch, or still in your coat pocket in the closet, this recipe is here to finally take the frustration away of tirelessly looking for your misplaced phone. Especially if you live alone and don’t have anyone beside you to call your phone for you. You can ask your Ubi to find your phone and have it call it:

IFTTT Recipe: Use your Ubi to find your phone connects ubi to phone-call

And because I have talked about my obsession with knowing the weather every morning before heading out, here’s a recipe that makes the Ubi announce the weather forecast everyday at your desired time:

IFTTT Recipe: Morning Weather Report  connects weather to ubi

What are the Ubi recipes you’ve been loving? Leave a comment below or share your favourites with us on our Twitter or Facebook page using the hastag #VoiceOfTheInternet


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